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Great speakers and panelists will make an extraordinary line up for this conference, providing insights to make context awareness and associated services a reality


Beyond Fusion, June 23rd, San Francisco 

Bringing context awareness to smart devices

Smartphones and connected devices They are our personal data hub with powerful sensing capabilities connected to any network or remote resources, and allow access to our data anytime anywhere. These capabilities are the essential enablers to context awareness, where users’ behaviors can be understood to ensure that the right information at the right time in the right format can be delivered, and that their needs can even be anticipated so services can be provided that simplify and enrich their lives.

In this one-day event, we will explore the future of context awareness, focusing on mobility scenarios. We will address the ‘what and how’ of bringing sophisticated and advanced context awareness beyond sensor fusion, where smart devices: phones, wearables or peripheral devices, play an essential role.